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Streamlined & Collaborative.

SafeEvent transforms the risk management process through effortless communication and complete transparency. The platform assists with developing risk management culture, lending to enhanced organisational resilience. SafeEvent is a simple to use tool, which engages users through an outcome focussed, collaborative approach to managing risk. It has been designed to help organisations deliver complex, fast moving projects – making it simple to manage, maintain and report on risk.

Used by Major Events Organisations

SafeEvent is already empowering teams to deliver major sporting events around the world, including:

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Configure your
System for Organisational Performance

Tailor your risk management framework for identification, analysis and evaluation of risk to suit organisational objectives.  Efficiency driven by a fit for purpose system that will allow for more time to manage risk and opportunity effectively.

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Create your projects key risk owners and add users to the system.

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Start from scratch, utilise an existing register or choose risks from your customised risk library.

Safe Event Unlimited Projects

Unlimited projects
and risks.

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Easily add risks and
allocate actions.

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Easy Collaboration with the Project Team

Risk Managers and Risk Owners working together on one platform to ensure that your organisations key risks are being managed effectively. The easy to use interface means that all users can simply keep the Risk Manager up to date with their required actions – suitable for users of all capabilities.

  • Risk Managers are a click away from notifying Risk Owners of all outstanding risk actions assigned to them.
  • Risk owners sign in and manage their actions as required.
  • Simple and efficient action verification.
  • The Project or Risk Manager has a ‘live’ picture of which actions are up to date and which ones are outstanding.
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Transparent reporting to Management

Provide key management with simple, graphical reporting to give them the peace of mind that key risks in the organisation are being managed effectively and on time.

  • Click of a button customised reporting.
  • Peace of mind reporting – “are all extreme risks being managed?”
  • Transparent, live reporting drives accountability and performance across the team.
  • Management can set simple risk priorities to improve team focus and risk culture
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Designed For Sports & Events Organisations

Developed by Industry Experts & Powered by Cutting Edge Technology

  • Unlimited event projects.
  • Assess performance across one or all projects.
  • Develop and foster a risk culture built on transparency and open communication.
  • Assess performance of the risk management process in real time.
  • Agile & focussed reporting to keep pace with dynamic, fast paced events.
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  • Set and track risk actions before each event, per week, month or any other metric.
  • Ensure external event managers maintain a consistent methodology of risk management.  
  • Through team review of performance, continual improvement is easily achieved.
  • Simple notification to risk owners provides confidence targets will be met when gates open.
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  • Develop focussed risk management assessments for Organisational units, like Financial or HR, so there is a consistent approach but targeted action.
  • Risk governance made easy, with transparent strategies of management and fluid communication.
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Risk Management
at Events

After 20 years working on event projects, we understand how important risk management is and how intuitively all event managers manage risk on a daily basis. We also know that the closer an event gets, the harder it becomes to maintain and formally keep track of risk actions.

To assist with maintaining a high level of risk management performance throughout the life of the project, we developed the SafeEvent risk management tool to help event managers:

  • Create & share the accountability for actioning risks across their project team;
  • Develop and document risks and opportunities faster while communicating them more effectively;
  • Immediate reporting on risk management performance through easily understood graphical cues; and
  • Get more time managing the experiences.


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